musical proud good rockin wow music the feel tonal surprises
Greg Boerner Rockabilly Blues Southern Wishing Well Nowhere
World So Blue Elvis Buddy Holly
Woody Guthrie Hand-Jiving Guitar Vocals CDs for sale
Augusta Georgia pronounced Burner rockabilly groove 50's guitar style Greg Boerner Kevin Toelle
Natasha Kassulke Jim DeRogatis ...aptly pronounced "Burner"
Bruce Miller Augusta, Georgia transplant
southern hometown to the Midwest...
music Freddy King Great guitar,
Seven Gables Stomp Two Time Woman Thing of Her Own strong vocals...
Bus Departure Sun Prairie Ramble Father and Son you can tell he feels it...
Merle Travis Chet Atkins Jack Williams hand-jiving rockabilly groove...
Lyrically the expends more energy playing one
Best song than most of us are born with...
Solo Acoustic finger-picking guitar style that reminds
Guitar one of '50's masters...the music is seasoned,
songwriter tasteful, deeply rooted and downright hot..."
dynamic performer  
agile fingerpicking-style  

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